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Agencja Asekuracji i Ochrony CERTUM, Gliwice

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Electronic Security systems are nowadays almost essential equipment of every house, company and different institutions of public use. Security systems are among others: an alarm system with the signalling of the burglary, assault and fire signalling, closed-circuit television system , the access control and the registration of working hours. Our agency provides the service of security systems design, installing the system, assembly of devices, programming and users training. Each project is designed individually taking into account the size and the function of the facility and needs of the customer. Exclusively now we deliver ,within one day of the conducted vision of the facility , free of charge cost estimate of the alarm system. We also perform installations and the assembly of video-intercoms.
Nowdays Monitoring is the most popular, effective and relatively cheap form of the protection of persons and possessions. Many people are associating the term of monitoring with the system of cctv television. This is incorrect definition. The monitoring determines measurements or observation of different phenomena. In our case the service of monitoring consists of the constant supervision of transmitted signals by the telephone, radio or GSM/GPRS, to the station of monitoring agency "CERTUM" which are generated by alarm system, vehicle security system or the device used in service of the medical assistance. Monitoring of alarm signals from systems installed in the facility, vehicle or used by elderly people, is connected with the reaction of intervention groups to the signals that endanger persons and possessions
The physical security consists of the constant presence of security officers in the watched over facility. Their duties include guarding the safety of persons and property which are found on the area of the watched over facility, and thereby burglary prevention , thefts or property devastation. In accordance with the act about the protection of persons and possessions, all employees who supervise the work of security guards holds the license of first and second degree. Patrols of intervention groups are assisting the protected facility.
A large number of employed security agents allows for periodic variations and the rotation of employees in watched over facilities, which results in eliminating a feeling of work weariness and makes it difficult to make any contact with the security agency workers.

Security and Safeguard agency CERTUM was established in 1993. We are operating under the concession ( license) Nr L-0095/00 issued by the Minister for Internal Affairs and Administration.

On account of the conducting business activities the Agency is insured by insurance companies ergo Hestia which to a considerable degree influences the raise in comfort of safety.

01 The most considerable value for our agency is getting the satisfaction of our customers and their trust in our agency.

02 We ensure the maximum safety to entrusted us for security of persons and possessions.

03 We offer the best quality services with the reasonable prices.

04 To meet the needs of our numerous clients we constantly broaden:

  • The range and quality of our services
  • The quality of customers service

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